Giampaolo Nuvolati

Quality of life research: global versus local studies

The debate concerning quality of life has been often developed paying attention to worldwide issues. However, it is at the local level that we can find the most interesting applications. A growing number of Local Administrations, in particular, try to collect regularly a set of social indicators on quality of life useful to monitor the evolution of the living conditions in their cities and neighbourhoods. This is above all true for nations with a polycephalic urban system, based on a large number of medium sized urban units, like Italy. These medium cities deal with several new problems but, in the meantime, normally display a set of positive aspects like: reduced criminality, less marked economic polarization, high social capital and cultural traditions, good services availability that can be considered very important resources for improving living conditions. One of the main aims of the Public Administrators and local actors is therefore to take under control the transformations concerning these resources, also according to the emerging needs segmentation. AIQUAV is very interested in collecting information and data about local experiences oriented to monitor quality of life and to develop appropriate policies.